Virtual Group Mindfulness Painting Workshops

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This workshop is for all the folks who always tell me “I wish I could paint, but….”

This workshop will integrate meditative and creative techniques to help participants create fun, unique artworks while actively working through common creative blocks such as perfectionism, overthinking or comparison. The goal is to create something special in a supportive and guided environment so participants can hopefully leave feeling more confident and in tune with their creative self.

A perfect event for any group, from casual gatherings to birthdays to corporate and mental health group events. Connect with those around you and get to know yourself better through creative self expression.

After the workshop, participants will receive an email containing an outline of the techniques reviewed during the event, as well as some simple creative prompts to continue working with. It is key to remember that learning never stops, and this workshop is intended to be a starting point for each participant to find their own natural and rewarding ways to explore creativity and art.

Participate from the comfort of your own home - wherever you may be! The entire workshop will be available via Google Meets, with a list of suggested materials provided at least one week before the event.

Each workshop is 3 hours in length.

*This option does not include supplies; if you are interested in having supplies provided for the participants, please email me at

**Workshops must be booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance and cancellations must be made a minimum of 48 hours before the workshop date, or no refund will be issued.