What inspires your artwork?

My artwork is inspired by my own efforts to be okay with the struggles of my mental health and the very difficult experience of being an empathetic person in a very hard world.

Art is a way for me to work through, and make sense of, the chaos and turmoil that lies just past the edge of conscious thought, and sometimes make something beautiful out of it. 


Do you offer custom artwork?

I absolutely love creating custom art and working one on one with clients to create a piece that is emotionally driven and unique to them. My process involves getting to know the ideas, stories, emotions, or inspirations a client wishes to illustrate and building on them.

I offer custom digital artwork, hand painted clothing and acrylic artwork options. 



How much does a commission cost?


I generally charge $1/sq.in. for custom acrylic artwork, and a standard $150 for digital designs*. Please see my product listings for some standard options and pricing.

Should you have a specific budget for your project, simply let me know from the beginning and I’ll fit your design to your budget or let you know if the project is not feasible.

 *Note that for very complex designs or designs including more than 2 figures, a custom price will be discussed.

Do you design tattoos?

I am happy to create custom tattoo designs for those who are interested.

I have three options when it comes to tattoo designs:

-linework design (no colour and basic details) for $60, which includes a 5X7in print of the design
-full colour and full detail design for $150, which includes an 8x10in print of the design
If you want to use one of my existing designs or just want a more economical option I also offer:
-tattoo token for $20 which is a special signed certificate giving you and the artist permission to copy an existing design of mine, and includes a 5x7in print of the design